Elements in Website Design That Drive Sales and Traffic

Web design is crucial not only because of its aesthetic appeal. Every element in the design may positively impact a person’s decision to buy the products and services. Hence, it helps to pay attention to every small detail. It may also go the other way. Failure to capture people’s interest is a lost opportunity to drive traffic and sell. The good thing is that there are web design services available. With the help of experts, it’s easy to design a website. Here are some elements to consider to guarantee results. 


The use of color is crucial since it has meanings. It also appeals to different target groups. For male audiences, colors like blue, green, and black are appealing. For women, purple, green, and white are more suitable. Color also helps create the brand identity. Some companies already associate themselves with one or two colors. Since it already appears in every marketing campaign, it should also be on the website. 

Another way to maximize color is through contrast. It’s even more relevant with the call to action button. If placed in front of white space, the button should be bright enough to attract attention. Yellow and neon colors are among the most popular choices. They’re difficult to miss. 


We live in a world where videos are everything. Most people prefer watching short videos to spending a lot of time reading articles. Hence, websites should contain videos. A convincing video can increase conversion rates. The key is to not use commercial videos all the time. How-to videos are popular since they teach people how to use the products. There should also be informative videos. Even if the users didn’t decide to buy on the first browse of the website, they would come back later due to the informative videos. 

Ease of navigation

The arrangement of tabs and ease of navigation are crucial elements too. Remember that most people are impatient. They don’t want to wait for a long time to find specific information. Once they decided to open the website, it should only take a minute or less to be on the exact page. If there are too many tabs or they get redirected often, users will close the website. They’re not patient enough to deal with it. 

Review snippets

Another essential element in a website is the presence of review snippets. They should be front and center. Reviews help people decide to buy the products and services. If they can immediately read glowing reviews upon opening the website, they will feel enticed to explore more. They can also click on the snippets if they wish to read more reviews. 

Trust symbols 

People want to patronize reliable companies. Establishing reliability online can be challenging. The best way to do so is by using trust symbols. These are universal symbols that increase trust. For instance, certification logos show that the business got certified by an organization to provide quality services. Security seals are also useful. They tell people that browsing the page won’t place them in danger. The goal is to make the potential customers feel they found the right partner. 

Highlight the freebies and promotions

The biggest font on the main page should be the banners containing information about freebies and promotions. People love freebies. It’s also a way of telling them that the company isn’t only after their money. Even those who might not yet buy will consider doing it. 

Short forms and ease of buying 

The best way to increase the conversion rate is by making it easy for people to buy. The forms should be easy to fill out. No one wants to spend hours filling out a form to finish a transaction. Allow people to save information too. They might decide to come back and buy in the future. They don’t want to type everything over again. 


Virtual chat buttons are now a norm in websites. They help connect users with the business. There’s no need to call the hotline to receive information. While the bots couldn’t provide everything, they’re at least an excellent start for people who wish to know more. Creating a chatbot is easy with the help of the right services.

White space

The presence of white space doesn’t mean the website has incomplete information. The truth is it helps in offering a break to readers. Browsing a website filled with too much information can be overwhelming. White spaces help create breathing space.  

Trust the right web design services. 

These are only some elements to look into when designing a website. Dealing with every aspect can be a daunting task. It makes sense to work with an agency that offers professional services. These experts know what to do. They will analyze the current appearance of the website and find a way to improve it. They can also build everything from scratch. In no time, more people will view the page and decide to buy.